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Please support Growing Places, Berkshire and come along to the Growing Places 60’s Music Evening on Saturday 20th May. 



Fundraising and Donations

We are an Unincorporated Association and are able to receive external funding for projects across the sites. Additional funding has graciously been received from various sources including Finchampstead Parish Council, National Trust supporter groups, Local societies, Small events run by the Volunteers, Private donations, JustGiving and the National Lottery Fund.

Recent projects made possible from external funding have included the car park revamp, new boardwalks and new waymarkers for the Ridges and Simon's Wood.
Donations are used in accordance with our financial management processes with expenditure, reserves and controls and are used for a specific Project or a contribution towards the total cost.

Projects and Bequests

Projects are designed for the benefit of all visitors to the sites, to be visible and of value. These are set out as a Project Proposal with purpose, aims, costs and timetables.

If you would like to leave a Legacy or Bequest, please contact us for a meeting with our Chairman to consider appropriate options and guidance.