Our Aims

  • Supporting the National Trust in improving the landscape in Finchampstead Ridges, Simon's Wood and Ambarrow Hill.

  • Liaise with environmental organisations who can assist us with funding specific projects on all three sites.

  • Protect and improve the ecology and environment.

  • Improve the learning with visual and access experience to all areas of the three sites.

  • Ensure areas are interesting and diverse with ponds, escarpment, heathland and woodlands. 

  • Safeguard woodlands with Sweet Chestnut, Oak, Silver Birch and Scots Pine.

  • Manage the under canopy of Holly, Hawthorns, Buckthorn and Rowan, shrubs of Heather and Gorse and floor growth of Lichen, Grasses and Mosses. 

  • Maintain the sites which have many small streams creating wetland areas.

FoFR Committee:

David Hartwell (Chairman), Simon Weeks (Vice Chairman)

David Kimber, John Totman, Julian Le Patourel, Jamie Preston (NT Head Ranger))

Margaret Kevern (Secretary), Brian Stainton (Treasurer)

Website Editors: David Kimber, Margaret Kevern, Simon Bache